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Tom Aizenberg

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The Client

Tom Aizenberg – Alternative London Wedding Photographer

The Project Brief

Our brief was to migrate the site to Kadence, but keeping it 100% identical to the existing layout. There were a few tweaks he wanted (some font weights changed and some buttons and CTAs re-designed for better accessibilty) but other than that we had to replicate it exactly.

The Challenge

It was cool. It was also a bit complicated. To get the typography to look perfect meant a lot of the titles were in fact images and the content, although beautifully built, was very hard for Tom to edit. You’d need a fair knowledge of HTML and CSS to really get everything right. It also had some pretty interesting image carousels with a very nice ‘card stack’ effect.

the process

From Concept to Launch and Beyond

Initial Consultation

On the first design consultation, we showed Tom his existing homepage and the new migration and asked him to tell the difference. He couldn’t. Hooray!

Development Process

The trickiest part was turning all the overlay titles from images to responsive, editable Gutenberg text blocks. Making such a complex and different layout flow in Desktop, Tablet and Mobile was not easy. Using the Flexbox option in Kadence Sections however, we nailed it.


His page load speed has improved dramatically. His homepage was fast, but now it’s superfast. Obviously we could say anything. It’s our site and I’m aware that 89.35% of people just make up statistics all the time. So I’ve attached the Google Insights below.

client: Tom Aizenberg
brief: site migration, design re-fresh + seo

Guys, I’m in love. The website is sooo good, I feel so self indulgent going through it all over and over again! You’ve been a total joy to work with.

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